Only those students will be considered eligible to take Board/University exam who attained 75% attendance of the totally delivered lectures besides fulfilling other conditions. No concession will be permitted in case of violation.

College Uniform.

As per Govt. orders there must be similarity in uniform for all the students so that students avoid costly and flashy dress and they contain their own identity. Thus recommended uniform from college council is must. Any other dress is strictly prohibited.

Change of Subjects (Only for 1 st Year and 3 rd Year Students)

Change of subjects is conditioned with the availability of seats in the desired discipline. Students should choose subjects after careful consideration. Change of subjects will not be allowed in general case. Anyhow students may apply for change of subjects within one month after the commencement of classes. After that change of subjects’ application will not be entertained.

Educational Awards.

Students who show good performance at Board/ University level will be considered eligible for educational awards if they followed college rules and regulation and they passed their respective examinations in their first attempt as regular college students.

College Exams.

  1. For intermediate weekly and term exams are conducted during the different periods of time.
  2. For the undergraduate classes a send-up in December and promotion exams in April. May is held respectively. It is compulsory for students to pass annual exam as per college rules.
  3. Students must appear in college exams
  4. In case of serious ailment students should attach Medical Certificate along with sick leave application during exams.
  5. If a student is found using some illegal means t/get through the exam, he will be fined and his promotion to next class will be permitted.


Recreational and Co-curricular Activities.

Co-curricular activities are an essential part of education, and are, therefore, given due importance. In addition to games and sports mentioned above, the college arrange the following activities on regular basis: –

  1. Almost all the classes are taken out on tours, at least, once a year, accompanied by their staff. The students have their outings and pleasure/educational trips in addition to these visits. Thus, they are given a chance to drink direct from the fountain of nature. These visits take place normally on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.
  2. Play Room and halls have been provided with various in-door games.
  3. Social and cultural activities, including Qirat Competition, Speeches in Urdu and English, Urdu and English Declamation Contests as well as Debates and Essay-writing Competitions, Drawing/Painting Competitions and Flower Arrangement Competitions (for girls only) are organized on regular basis.

Religious Activities.

Being conscious of the fact, that our country is an ideological state, and that our faith, Islam, has to be woven as warp and woof into our lives and particularly our educational system, special attention is given to religious education. Efforts are made to act upon the principles of Islam and teach the same to the students, more through personal examples than through preaching. All the occasions of religious and national importance are celebrated with due solemnity and fervor. The Muslim students are encouraged to offer prayers and recite the Holy Quran. There are four Islamiyat teachers, having Master’s as well as M.Phill Degrees in Islamic Studies.